"Wonder Woman"

Written by: Sarah in 1993

My grandma’s name is Donna Harper. She writes books. She has ten children. Their names are Jennifer, Tom, Jill, Joan, Jane, Julie, Patrick, Mary, David and Cathy. Together there are sixteen cousins. Grandma is sixty-four years old and president of her Writer’s Club.

My grandma rebuilds and redecorates all the time by herself; she even does carpentry for her house. Since she had ten children, she knows a lot about medical. While raising ten children, she went to college and took archeology, anthropology, and art classes. She also sewed everyone’s clothes. My grandma is also very artistic. She paints people, stillife, and beautiful seascapes. She draws very well and graduated from art school.

My grandma has traveled all over the world. My grandpa used to work all over the world designing airports, so my grandma would go visit him in the Orient, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Greece, Philippines, Viet Nam, All of Europe, Belgium, Saudi Arabia. Since grandpa now works in Orange County, they travel in the United States and were able to complete the family tree where they grew up in Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan.

Grandma has been married for forty-four years and lived in the same house for that long. Her immediate family is about forty people. She also took piano lessons for seven years. When she was fourteen, she won a ribbon for drawing two cocker spaniels. She was the President of the Art Club in high school for three years. My grandma learned to swim and sail at her summer home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin when she was little. She loves dogs and cats. She worked for the Special Olympics for four years, encouraging one of her own daughters to participate, who has epilepsy. She taught religion classes when the children were little.

I mentioned that my grandma made all ten of her children’s clothes, but she also made my mom’s wedding dress, veil and all of her prom dresses. That’s pretty neat. I do not know how my grandma does all this. She is a pretty amazing woman. One of her books is on its way to being published right now. She is so smart, I think she should go on Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. She does watch these shows every night.

I love my grandma. She is a great lady who can do anything. There is not many things she cannot do. For Christmas, when the children were little, she sewed and made all kids of presents, like purses, clothes, overnight bags, and hair things. For Halloween, she made matching little pig and little Indian costumes. For Easter, she made them matching outfits and splurged on new hats and new shoes. She was scorekeeper for Little League. When my grandpa got laid off for a while, my grandma got a job at J.C. Pennys. Or when she was low on money, she would still help people out. She works out at an Arobics class to keep up her good health. My grandma loves life and she is always on the go. She will never be an old lady that rocks on a rocking chair, because she is my grandma.