"Simply Beautiful"

Written by: Melissa...
...during the last few weeks of her Grandma's life,
as she spent many days as well as nights helping to care for her.

Simply beautiful
A woman who can compare life to a flower--
let nature take its course.

Simply beautiful
A woman who's smile brightens a room--
without her even knowing.

Simply beautiful
A woman who does not have to speak--
carries herself with such wisdom,
A nod, she understands; a hug fills you with love.

Simply beautiful
A woman who allows herself to be known
by what she has created
Passes on her talents and let's them flourish.

Simply beautiful
A woman who keeps a tight hold of her family--
teaches them strength
The best way she knows how.

Simply beautiful
A woman who shows her children how to love,
to be independent,
To listen with their hearts,
think with their heads,
to pass her love for them onto their own children.

Simply beautiful
A woman who knows for sure her passions,
her own strengths
And when to let go.

Gramma, you're -- Simply beautiful.

* * * * *

I would just like to thank my Gramma for the gift she has given me throughout the past few weeks. I have learned more about myself and my family, and I feel so close to all of them because of her. There is a part of Gramma in all of us; she will not only live forever in our hearts and memories, but she will shine through each of our own individual talents. My Gramma has accomplished so much in her life by doing the things that made her happy--she has truly lived.

Thank you Gramma, for letting us help.