Donna... through the years


Mom's dear friend Dorothy generously sent me the pictures from this year and most had been signed by mom.
I can't thank her enough for the priceless gift she gave our family.

Mom's Senior picture signed to her dear friend Dorothy

More Senior Pictures...

Mom (2nd from left) with her friends...

Mom & Dorothy having a sleep over...

Mom with her Mom Helen Burke at the family's Lake Geneva Vacation Home

Mom's group of friends met every summer at Lake Geneva
and called themselves "The Geneva Lovelies"


What a knock-out!


love the glasses




Sledding at the LeBel's (old) house in Wrightwood

Donna with Patches

Speaking at her National Writer's Club Meeting

Donna at one of her book signings for "Turn A Blind Eye"

Looking gorgeous as ever!

"I've been to HELL" - nice shirt!

In her study

Donna with a chef on one of the many cruises she and Lee enjoyed

Donna in her study not long after the chemo has started making her hair fall out

On vacation again


Lee's corn stalks are taller than Donna!

Donna hanging out in the backyard with Beastie

Donna with Beast and Stockton