The Harper Family
through the years...

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1996 through 2001


July 4th
Cathy, Mary & Mom at the 4th of July party at the LeBel's house in Wrightwood

Lisa & Mom at Pat & Lisa's house in Riverside


(back) Patty Hunn, April, Debbie, Cathy, Mom, Melissa, Joan & Jane, (front) Julie, Mary, Sarah, Jenny & Jill

(back) Julie, Mary, Lisa, Sarah, Mom, Patty Hunn, Jane,
(front) Jenny, Jill, Anna, Joan, Cathy & Melissa

Mom and her 7 daughters:
(back) Jenny, Cathy, Joan & Jane,
(front) Mary, Mom, Julie & Jill

Aunt Matize, Uncle John, Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Ken, Dad & Mom


Mom and her 7 daughters at Cathy's
Bridal Shower:
(in order of youngest to oldest, center-center) Cathy, Mary, Julie, Jane, Joan, Jill, Jenny & Mom

May 31st
Cathy & Jim's Wedding

Mary, Mom & Lorrie helping Cathy get into her wedding dress just before the ceremony

Cathy & Mom

Dad, CATHY & JIM & Mom

Our immediate family:
David, Pat, Mary, Julie, Joan, Dad, CATHY & JIM, Mom, Jane, Jenny, Jill & Tom

Our extended family:
(back) April, Melissa, Tom, Mary, Julie, Joan Tony (behind), Lisa, Pat (behind), Dad, Cathy, Jim, Mom, Jenny, Don (behind), Jill, Ron (behind), Patty Hunn, David (behind), Jane, Debbie, Sarah, (front) Anthony, Christopher, Andrew, Anna, Brian, Shawn, Mike, Brandon, Matt, Josh

August 2nd
Joan & Tony's Wedding

Mom & Joan

Mom, Joan & Jane

Mom, Joan & Dad

Christopher seating his Grandma at the wedding

Cathy, Mom, Dad & Mary at the reception

Mom holding Pat & Lisa's youngest, Daniel


David & Mom



Andrew, Mom & Josh

Sarah at her Serrano High School Graduation with her Grandpa & Grandma

Christopher at his Garden Grove High School Graduation with his Grandpa, Anthony (back), Brandon, Cathy & Jim (back), Julie, Jane (back) & his Grandma

Christopher with his Grandparents

Jane's 40th birthday party

Mom, Pat & Daniel and birthday girl-Jane petting Beast

Jane, Mom, Lois and Lois' grandkids

Joan, Mom & Cathy

(back row 1st, center to center) Josh, Andrew, Debbie, Christopher, Jim, David, Allie, Jane, Ron, Mary, Mike, Jenny, Don, Pat, Melissa (middle row) Krissy, April, Cathy holding Jake, Mom, Dad, Jill, Lisa holding Daniel, Julie (front row) Steven, Sarah, Nick, Anna, Brian, Robbie, Shawn & Brandon

Dinner table on Thanksgiving

Playing poker at Cathy & Jim's house - Dad, Mom, Mary, Julie, Brandon & Jim



Jake with his Grandma

Nicholas, Robbie, Tom & Mom

Mom in the middle holding Jake, (center to center) Julie, Mary, Melissa, Jill, Jenny, Cathy, Joan & Jane (& Stockton)

August 14th, Grandma helping Jake with his very first birthday cake

Mary & Mom


Jill, Mom, Anna & Beast


May 21st
Brandon with his Grandma and Grandpa at his Confirmation Dinner

July 22nd
Mary & Ron's Wedding

The Harper's, MARY & RON, & The Stockwell's

Uncle John, Aunt Matize, Dad, Mom, MARY & RON, Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Ken, & Aunt Sissy

Ron giving Mom a rose during the wedding ceremony

Mom & Jenny

Aunt Matize, Uncle John, Dad & Mom

Mom with Aunt Sissy

September 3rd
Grandma & Grampa Harper meet their newest grandson for the first time. (Cathy & Jim's 2nd son) Ryan was just 10 days old and had already gone through a life-saving open heart surgery to correct his heart defect, Transposition of the Great Arteries/Vessels... here Ryan is just out of recovery.

Grandma finally gets to hold Ryan for the first time in late September

Mom's birthday

Mom & Jenny

Sarah and her Grandma

Dad, Mom, Jane & David

Dad and Mom with Ryan

Mom holding Ryan with Julie in the background

Christmas Eve

Dad, Jill & Mom

Ryan with his Gramma

Mom and Joan


February 10
Mom, Ryan, Cathy & Jake - out to dinner at the Outback Steakhouse for Julie's birthday
The last picture was taken just one month before mom died. I opted to exclude any more recent photos because mom wouldn't want everyone to remember her looking so unhealthy.