Family Friends
through the years...

Donna and Lee have had many great friendships through the years, but none as special as the friendship they shared with the Farish's, Harris's and Curran's. Our families have been the best of friends for over 45 years.

Their friendship reminds me of the song
"Cloud of Witnesses" By: Mark Schultz...

".....A cloud of witnesses that would see them through the years
Cheer them with a smile and pray them through the tears.
A cloud of witnesses that would see them to the end
And shower them with love that never ends.
A cloud of witnesses.
They stuck together through the years
the best of friends faith could foster....."

1955... Gil Harris & Lisa, Donna & Tom and Lee & Jenny

1970s... Donna & Lee with Lois & Fred Farish and their daughter Lisa

Donna and Lois being goofy - what's new!

1980s... Donna and Lois on vacation

Donna & Lee with Pat Curran

We were very saddened when Pat Curran died of cancer on May 10, 1992.

1990s... Here is the group without their beloved friend Pat. (Bill Harris, Lois Farish, Lee, Donna, Fred Farish, Bob Curran and Gil Harris)

4th of July, 1993... Lois & Fred, Bob & friend, Donna & Lee

Fred Farish passed away on February 23, 1995.
He is dearly missed as is Gil Harris.
She passed away on March 1, 1997.

Lois and Donna at Cathy's bridal shower in April 1997

Bob with Donna & Lee

Donna and Lois at Jane's 40th birthday party, November 1998

Through the years the Harper's, Farish's, Harris's and Curran's have remained as close as one big family. In my mom's last days Bob, Bill and especially Lois were by her side. Lois sat on my mom's bed with my mom and all of us girls telling stories about my mom. Lois's stories were more comforting to us than she will ever know. She was my mom's true best friend until the day she died.
We love you Lois!

* * * * * * *

"..... So when it comes the time
If heaven calls, they'll go running
To see the ones who've gone before,
Who ran the race and made the journey home.
To find waiting for them at the finish line, cheering happily
They will run and they will see...
A cloud of witnesses.
Lined up on the street of gold
As they run the final mile
That leads them to the throne.
And through the cloud of witnesses
They see God upon the throne.
And as they fall into His arms
They know they're HOME.
In a cloud of witnesses
Surrounded by a cloud of witnesses."

When I first heard this song after my mom died, I pictured Pat, Gil and Fred all waiting for mom, cheering her through the last few heart-wrenching days and letting her know they were there to help bring her home to God. What a comforting thought... ~Cathy