Donna & Lee
through the years...

Donna & Lee were married for 48 1/2 wonderful years.
Here's to the good 'ol days.....

October 11, 1952, Chicago, Illinois...

Donna with her mom getting ready for the wedding

Donna with her brother, Pat, about to walk down the isle

Donna & Lee with Lee's Mom & Dad

Donna with her mom, Helen Burke

Donna & Lee with Lee's sisters, (aunt Dorothy and aunt Matize)


What a gorgeous couple!

Hanging out


Donna & Lee's 25th Wedding Anniversary party


"What's for dinner?"


...and cuddling!

toasting with their nightly martinis

Up in the mountains...

...hanging out at the beach

holidays at home


more smooching!

"Look out, Mom!"

Holidays at the Harper house

Don't they look gorgeous!


more family parties

and more

November 1996...

Donna wearing a wig just after her chemo made her beautiful hair fall out. She still looks pretty!

whispering sweet nothings?

Kissing again!?!

Halloween - aren't they a lovely couple!

Up in the mountains at the LeBel's (old house) again

MORE vacationing, they did a lot of that!

Donna & Lee in 1997 at Cathy & Jim's wedding

Christmas Eve, 2000 - after 48 years together, they still look so happy!

My dad stood by my mom through every step of her cancer. He has shown our entire family the true meaning of the words "In sickness and in health". Although our family has remained very close through the years, my dad has always been my mom's rock. One of my fondest memories of my mom in her final days was watching her constantly trying to get smooches from my dad. ~Cathy