Baja Mexico Cruise

Carnival - Ecstasy
(Catalina & Ensenada, Mexico)
May 10 - 14, 2004

A bunch of us decided to take a cruise vacation together...
we has such a blast that we have decided to make it an annual trip!

The Ship


The "Funship Cruisers" ready to set sail...
Jim, Cathy, Mary, Ron, Melissa, Jill, David, Allie, & Brandon
(Julie was taking the picture)

Having our first drink while exploring the ship together.

Fun in the sun!

Life Boat Drill... (fun fun fun)

Up on deck watching the ship set sail for Catalina!

David, patiently waiting for the casino to open...

...and Allie...

...Cathy too...

Getting ready for dinner... Jim & Ron, did you guys plan that?

Waiting for Jim to change his shirt... lol

Dinner Time... Melissa & Jill

Mary & Ron

Cathy & Jim

Brandon & Julie

Allie & Dave

Tuesday... Ship docked at Catalina Island

Hanging out in the hall having our morning coffee... lol

Jim - "Are you guys ready yet?"

Mary & Jill at their room doors...

Here comes Dave from his room...

Getting on the tenders to shore

Jim & Brandon

Ron, Jim & Cathy

Mary, Jill & Melissa

Julie & Cathy

Allie & Dave

The "Catalina Cruisers have arrived!"
Cathy, Jill, Jim, Julie, Brandon, Melissa, David, Allie, Mary & Ron

We rented 2 golf carts to explore the island...
Jim, Cathy, Julie, Brandon, Allie & David in one cart

Mary, Melissa, Jill & Ron in the other

Here we are enjoying the beautiful view...
and posing for more group pictures

Dave, Allie, Julie & Brandon
our ship in the background

Back on the ship...
Getting ready for some fun in the sun!
Here's the main pool and the waterslide

Up on deck...
time for a fun ship drink or a bucket of beer!

Jim opting for the beer

Jill & Melissa
(after Melissa had her share of Margaritas with Allie in Catalina-lol...

Ron, Brandon & Julie


Dave going down the water slide,
just after Ron

Dinner Time again... FORMAL NIGHT

Cathy & Jim

Allie & Dave

Brandon & Julie

Mary & Ron

Melissa, Jill & Mary

Wednesday... ship docked in Ensenada, Mexico

Shopping in Ensenada...
everyone except Julie

Drinks at Papas & Beer...

Brandon, 18 and legal in Ensenada!

...being corrupted... lol


Modeling gifts bought in Ensenada for Jake & Ryan

Dinner Time again...
Jim & Cathy

Julie & Brandon

Allie & Dave

Ron & Mary

Melissa & Jill

After Dinner at the Kareoke Bar...
Ron & Mary

Julie & Brandon

Cathy & Jill

Thursday... Sea Day!

Allie up on deck

Brandon & Julie up on the back deck...
where we spent most of the day
...if we weren't in the casino-lol

Cathy in the casino
won $300 getting 4 aces

Jill playing draw poker

Back up on deck... Julie & Brandon

Jim & Ron sharing buckets of beer...

Jill, Melissa & Julie...
grabbing a buffet dinner before the formal dit-down dinner...
most of us did that a lot!!!
The food was just too excellent to pass up.

Our last sunset on the ship...
(View from our room window)

Dinner Time again...
Mary & Melissa

Brandon, Jill & Julie

Allie & Dave celebrating their 2nd anniversary...

Ron & Mary

After Dinner...
Dave back in the casino

...and Mary

JIll & Mary

Friday... Time to go home... =(

Departing the ship...

Ron& Mary (dying to go home to see Chad) & Allie

Jim, Cathy & Allie... sad that the trip was over...