Shea's 6th Birthday
March 29th, 2008

The birthday boy waking up in the morning...

Present time!

Shea & Ryan... aw!

Shea had a SPONGE BOB themed birthday party later that same day...

We had a lot of pizza and other goodies...

Sophie, Anna and Taylor... the "girls" of daycare

Terry, Julie, Brandon, Dave and Ron

Allie, Chad, Mary, Sarah & Jenny

Bella in the sand box...

Amy & Andrew

Jonah, Ryan, Ryan Z., Aaron & Shea

Ryan, Shea & Jonah

the bounce house.... it was HUGE and the kids loved it! had a big slide!

Ryan Z., Brandon and Shea

Jonah, Jake, Ryan & Ryan Z.

looks like fun!


Cathy & Jim

Cake Time!

Party present time!

The kids watching... Chad, Taylor, Bella, Ryan, Jonah & Andrew

Daddy helping Shea

Lots of people... it was a great day...

Jim, Cathy & Brandon...squished on the love seat, lol

Jim & Brandon

Shea was named "Star of the Week" for his Kindergarten class the week of his birthday. The kids bring a poster board in that tells the class all about them. This is Shea's board... we displayed it at the party. :)

We took Shea to Adventure City for his Birthday a week later... They had a great time :)