January - December

January & February

A fun day at the beach... in January! lol... Crazy weather

Huntington Beach Pier

Underneath the peir at low tide...

Jake - lol

Ryan and Shea

Shea and his Mommy

Best buddies

My little boys

Ryan drawing himself and his buddy Dylan in the sand

all sandy...

The boys wrote "SMITH"...lol


I love this picture! the boys in the surf at sunset.


Shea turned 5 on March 29th
Birthday morning opening his presents

Jill sent some gifts from New Mexico and the boys were playing with them...

for some reason "Charlie's Angels" comes to mind! lolol

Shea's Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese

Everyone had pizza and cake... YUM!

Shea and Ryan ready to go play some arcade games...

Amy and Andrew.

Jessica, Jim, Terry & Brandon
some of Shea's favorite people

We went to Disneyland for Shea's actual birthday
Picked him up from Kindergarten at 12 and
went for a few hours before his brothers joined us at 3:00.

Shea waiting "patiently" while we renewed our passes

Inside Mickey's House in Toontown

Daddy and Ryan

Ryan was scared to be on his shoulders, lol

April & May

Jake's 2nd Grade Class went on a field trip to Kellog House.
I went along as a chaperone...
Here is the class and Mrs. Brown.

Ryan's Kindergarten Class went on a field trip to Centennial Farms.
Jim went along as a chaperone...
Here is the class and Ms. Mardesich.


Ryan's Kindergarten Graduation Picture : )


I took the boys "Beach Hopping"
We started at Corona Del Mar

Priates Cove...

Next... Laguna Beach

It was a great day...

They loved Laguna



August 14th
Jake's 9th Birthday!

Jake took Camden & Shawn for some fun at Camelot...

Golf & Video Games...lol

Goods Times!

...and back to our house for a swim and some popsicles :

August 23rd
Ryan's 7th Birthday!

Ryan wanted to go to Soak City for his birthday...

Julie & Brandon joined us for a family fun day!


The 3 boys with Jim & Brandon

Snack Time!

Ryan : )

Jake & Ryan had a Pirates of the Caribbean Party for their birthdays...

The boys cousin Christopher dressed up for the party!
The kids LOVED him!!!

Jack "Christopher" Sparrow...lol

Jessica & Terry

Cousin Chad

Sophie and her mom Emily

Ryan & Jonah in the combo bounce house / slide

Uncle David & Aunt Rachel gave the boys this awesome game table...

Adventure City... the boys LOVE that place!

Drop Zone!



First day of School!

Jake - 3rd Grade

Ryan - 1st Grade

Shea - Kindergarten

Shea was so excited to start school!

Shea on the slide before his first day started

Kindergrten kids waving goodbye to their parents

Shea at the end of a GREAT day!

Jake & Ryan had great days too!

Matthew & Ryan

Dillon & Jake

Jake's 3rd Grade Fall Picture
Jake was Student of the Month for his class in October

Ryan's 1st Grade Fall Picture
Ryan wa Student of the Month in September for his class

Shea's Kindergarten Fall Picture
Shea was Student of the Month for his class for October as well

Ryan's Studen of the Month picture

Ryan had to read to 3 "people"... and Stockie was his last resort, lol


Our annual day at Project Playhouse with Aunt Jill

Ryan and Shea

Jill & Jenny

Our decorated house...

The boys all dressed up...

Time to Trick or Treat

Brandon & Julie came along...


Bella's 1st Birthday Party
Bella and her Mommy (Sarah)

Ryan with his cousin Bella

Bella with her Aunt Cathy

Ryan Timothy's Birthday Party
Ryan T., Ryan & Shea

Sophie & Ryan

Shea on the rock wall

Shea's Kindergarten Thanksgiving Play

He had to say "J - JOY!" - too cute : )

Shea's and Indian!

and a Pilgram...

Table set for dinner

The Chef!

Ryan ready to eat...

Dinner Time...Julie & Brandon came over


Shea at his Kindergarten Christmas Program where the Kindergarteners sang lots of fun Christmas carols

Ryan had a large speaking part in his 1st Grade Play...
Here he is at the mike

The play...

Ryan with his good friend Irlan

The other classes came to watch the play.
It was also "PJ Day" at school.
Here's Jake with his friends in their PJ's watching the play

Camden & Jake

Jake was taking random pictures...


Decorating the outside of our house for Christmas...
Brandon & Julie checking it out

Shea & Ryan climbing the tree


Finally it gets dark and we can see the lights!

Ryan & Jake in front of our water fountain turned snowman

the Grizwalds?

Making Christmas cookies... fun!

the boys had a blast

...and frosting them

Time to decorate our tree
Jake putting up the star

Shea & Ryan ready for bed

Trying hard to get a good Christmas card picture

Decker Christmas Party

Me and my honey

Me, Mary, Jenny, Julie, Jane, Lisa, Jill & Joan

Shea & Ryan kicking back outside

Me and my brothers, Pat & David

The Harper boys, Pat, Dad & David

Christmas Eve

We had a small group over
Here are the SMITH Cousins, Shea, Jonah, Andrew, Jake & Ryan

Dave & Rachel

Exchanging gifts... Dave & Jim putting toys together

Good Times!

Anderw and his Daddy Gary

Andrew opening his gifts

Dave & Amy - lol

Smith Siblings :)

Melissa, Jim & Jill

Matt & Amy (Baby Ever in her tummy) & Stockton

Christmas Morning!

The boys ready to open presents!

Stockie opening his stocking...

Ryan loves his Duke shirt from Daddy

Shea opening his new easel

Christmas Day

Julie & Brandon and Dave & Allie came over for dinner
Hanging out

Ryan and Aunt Julie


Christmas Card Photo

Christmas Letter

Dear Friends & Family,

As another holiday season approaches we look back and remember the loved ones that have left us and we embrace those we still hold close. We try to appreciate each passing moment and do our best to see each obstacle as an opportunity for growth.

In March Jim’s mom, Cheryl, passed away unexpectedly. There are no words to express the sadness felt by all those that love Cheryl. Each day we try to take comfort in the knowledge that Cheryl is an angel watching over us now.

The boys are growing up so fast! It’s amazing to watch their personalities develop. Seeing life unfold through their innocent eyes helps us remember what is important in life.

Shea turned 5 on March 29th and started Kindergarten this year. He absolutely loves going to school and looks forward to his homework every night. He enjoys learning and in October he proudly accepted the “Student of the Month” award for his class. At home Shea keeps us smiling with his joyful personality and is just starting to get a bit of a stubborn streak that reminds us he is his own person!

Ryan turned 7 on August 23rd and started 1st grade in September. He loves school and was awarded “Student of the Month” for his class in September. He excels at drawing and writing and is even being tested for the Gate program next month at his school. Ryan is a kind hearted, joyful little boy that is always giving to others and not worrying about himself.

Jake turned 9 on August 14th and started 3rd grade in September. He was awarded “Student of the Month” in October as well! He also enjoys school and excels at learning. He’s become very independent this year moving into his own room, spending time with his friends and he even loves calling his cousin Jonah on the phone to get hints about video games. He helps out around the house and asks to do chores for extra spending money. Jake still enjoys drawing and has a wonderful imagination. He is a great kid that looks out for other people and enjoys being a big brother.

While Jim is still enjoying working in the medical sales field, he’s left GE and accepted a wonderful opportunity with Toshiba. I’m still working as a Realtor with First Team Real Estate but recently accepted a position in First Team’s Corporate Division as well. I love real estate and couldn’t be happier. I will be turning 40 this month so Jim and I are taking the kids to Las Vegas for a family vacation celebrating the big “40” as well as New Year’s Eve! The boys are the best of friends and we all really enjoy being together. We’re excited about our much needed family vacation.

As this year ends, we look forward to a year filled with new hope and new beginnings. May the New Year bring abundance of peace, love, health, and happiness to you. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday season.

With love, The Smith Family
Jim, Cathy, Jake, Ryan, Shea (& Stockton)