January - December


Stockie... Shea loves to give Stockie cookies all day long!
They are best buddies!

Disneyland with the Stockwell's...
Ryan & Chad on Tom Sawyer's Island


Daddy with Ryan & Shea

Mommy with Shea & Jake

Ryan showing his personality!


Ryan... Playing at the park

...and Shea

...Jake too...

Ryan & Shea


CHOC annual Heart Babies Reunion
Dr. Mike (Cardiologist) visiting with us...

Olivia (center) with her dad, mom (Diane) and little sister
Olivia shared the NICU with Ryan

Dominic with his mom (Audry), dad (Josh) and baby sister...
Dominic has TGA like Ryan-they shared the NICU together as well
Audry shared that her little girl was born 9 months ago with Brittle Bone Disease...


Jake's Kindergarten Class went on a field trip
to Centennial Farms... they had a BLAST
Daddy went as a chaperone

Jim was out of town so the boys's got to sleep in together
in Mom & Dad's bed... they were so excited!

Bath time for Ryan & Shea!

Cousin Jonah hanging out with the boys

Shea turned 3 on March 29th
he was excited about his Thomas the Train Party the following weekend...
trying on the party hats!

Showing Thomas... still wearing the hat!

Playing train table

Ryan coming to play with his little brother...


Shea's Thomas the Train Party was held on Sunday, April 3rd... we had a bounce house and the kids had a BALL!

Here's Shea's cake...

Smith boys...

Shea, Ryan, Jake & Jonah...

Present Time!

Cake Time!



Shea... on the big boy potty!

Ready for bed

Shea proudly wearing his new Mickey Ears!

Jake learning to ride his bike without training wheels!

The 4 Smith boys!


We had a Father's Day party at our house...
7 sisters!
Jill, Jenny, Joan, Cathy, Julie, Mary & Jane

Ryan and Jake did NOT want the party to end.
They finally fell asleep in our bed...

June 22nd
- Jake's Last day of Kindergarten...
On the last day of school the Kindergarten classes put on a play called, "The Three Piggy Opera". After the play was a "graduation" followed by a pizza and ice cream party in his classroom.

The 3 Piggy Opera... Jake is one of the pigs on the left (4th from the far left standing up)

Jake getting his Kindergarten Diploma and Year Book
from his teacher, Ms. Mardesich.

Jake and Danica, his 6 grade reading buddy for the year.

Looking at Jake's Journals...


Getting ready for ice cream!

The boys in the "Sharing Chair" in Jake's classroom...

Jakey with his brothers... proud to be a first grader now!


The boys love summer and swimming! They swim at home, at Terry's and started swimming lessons this summer. Although they seem to be very good swimmers naturally, they are all getting formal lessons since their aunts Joan & Mary & uncle David (Smith) have all had beautiful pools put in their backyards.


Jake, Shea & Ryan...
They are best friends and love playing together!

Shea and Stockie...

Warming up! Their favorite place to get warm... on the brick patio! LOL

July 4th Party at The Stockwell's...

Cathy, Mary & Joan

Melissa, Cathy & Joan

Matt about to jump...

Jim - lol

The boys swimming


Mary & Chad

Hanging out in the pool...

We babysat Chad while Mary and Ron went out for their anniversary... the boys had a blast playing with their cousin!

Jake, Ryan, Shea & Chad...

Chad & Ryan golfing...

Chad & Shea working on Shea's Shack-lol

Ryan in his soccer uniform...
His team name is the Ninja Turtles-lol


Jake turned 7 on August 14th...
Here he is playing his new gameboy game with Ryan by his side-lol.

Jake spent his birthday Miniature Golfing with Dillon & Shawn (school buddies).
He chose to go to IHOP for dinner and then back home for his traditional "Carrot cake".

August 21st... Jake's 7th & Ryan's 5th Birthday Party

The boys had a big Birthday Bash again this year... Star Wars was the theme! Everyone had a blast!!!
Jake, Shea, Ryan & Little Ryan having lunch

Melissa & Christopher

Mike & Christopher playing with the kids

The kids LOVED the attention from the older boys

Dylan wearing with the mask and light saber all of the kids had...

Opening presents (Dylan helping out-lol)

Shea, Little Ryan and his mom Kari

Cake Time!

Back in the bounce house...
Ryan and his Mommy

Shea and his Mommy

Ryan turned 5 on August 23rd...
He wanted Star Wars Monopoly more than anything!

Ryan chose to go to CoCo's for his birthday dinner,
then soccer practice and back home for his traditional "chocolate cake".

August 28th...
We went swimming at Dave & Rachel's house

Shea, Jonah & Ryan

Aunt Terri and the boys

Aunt Terri, Grandma, Shea, Ryan & Jonah

Ryan jumping in with Jonah right behind him


Aunt Terri & Jim

Jim & Cathy


Jake started 1st grade on September 8th...
Here he is on his first day of school

Jake with his buddy Dillon

Julie, Cathy & Mary hanging out...
Ryan's 1st Soccer game was September 10th...
Here he is in front of his team's banner
Their team name is "Ninja Turtles on Grass"...lol

Ryan and his buddy Dylan

Shea, Jake & Ryan in Grandpa Lee's old Storage Closet...

We went to Project Playhouse on September 18th
(Aunt Jill works for Home Aid)...
The boys look forward to viewing the playhouses every year!

Ryan & Shea

Shea, Jim & Ryan at the "Angel's" playhouse.

The kids come home will all sorts of fun glasses, balloons, etc...

Shea on a motorcycle...

September 25th ws Ryan's Soccer Picture and Family Fun Day!

Here are the "Ninja Turtles on Grass" and their coaches and team mom...

Dylan & Ryan

Shea making a basket with Daddy's help!

Jim turned 40 on September 30th... we had a dinner party at Sagami Tei with a bunch of friends.
Jim & Cathy

Jim with his buddies CJ, Brent & Brent


Ryan was admitted back into CHOC for another Cardiac Cath and to have his 2 PA stents redilated.

Jim with Ryan getting ready for the procedure

The procedure was a success and Ryan settled in for the night in the PICU watching Thomas the Tank Engine.

Ready to go home the next morning!!!
We had our annual Trick or Treating party at our house this year.... Jake was Darth Vader, Ryan was a skeleton, Shea was a T-Rex... Cousin Chad was Mickey Mouse and Cousin Jonah was the Grim Reaper!

Jake, Shea & Ryan

Ryan, Shea, Jake & Jonah (Chad wouldn't get in the picture.)


We had a "sisters" weekend in Laughlin and celebrated Joan and Mary's birthdays the first weekend in November...
It was a blast although Julie wasn't able to join us.
Jenny, Joan, Cathy, Mary & Jill

We spent Thanksgiving at Sarah and Don's house in Capistrano Beach... It was a beautifully sunny day and we all had a great time.

Shea with his daddy and mommy


Ryan going through the doggie door that connects Sarah's house with Don's... the kids LOVED that.


The 3 boys during a day at Disneyland in early December!

Shea & Ryan

On the tram headed back to the car...

December 17th Joan & Tony had their annual Christmas Party

Ryan was so excited when Uncle Tony let him drive his tractor!

December 23rd we celebrated Christmas with the Smith's at Dave & Rachel's house...
Jim & Dave

The Smith Cousins...

Jake & Ryan wrote letters to Santa to leave next to his cookies and milk.
(This is Jake's letter. Ryan's was too light to read.)

Ryan Christmas morning with his new "Dr. Mario" Gameboy Game!

Shea riding his new Big Boy Bike with his new helmut in his PJs!

Ryan with his new helmut riding his bike also in his PJs...

Jake has mastered the art of making funny sounds with your arm pits...
here is Ryan trying to master the same sound!

Christmas Letter

Happy Holidays!

It’s hard to believe the holidays are once again upon us. This joyful season we watch the excitement that the holidays bring to the boys and realize just how blessed we are to have such wonderful family and friends. This year has been filled with blessings and we thank God for them every day.

Shea turned 3 on March 29th. He is always on the go, trying to start a game with one of his brothers. He also seems to have a knack for manipulation… he can talk us into anything with his smile. He loves riding his brothers “big boy bikes” and is hoping Santa will bring him a big boy bike of his own. Shea is a very happy soul and brings all of us tremendous joy.

Ryan turned 5 on August 23rd. He joined a soccer team this year and had an absolute ball! Ryan really enjoys team sports and is fortunate enough to be able to play on the same teams with his best friend Dylan. He will be playing T-Ball as soon as the season starts. In October Ryan went back to CHOC for a heart catheterization and angioplasty to re-dilate both of his pulmonary artery stents. The cath was a success and the pressure in his arteries is more regulated. Every year as Ryan gets older, the hospitalizations for him, get scarier. He tried to be very brave and we are proud of him. He is doing quite well now. Ryan is a sweet, non-assuming child that makes the chaos of having 3 young boys a little easier.

Jake turned 7 on August 14th and started 1st grade in September. He enjoys school and loves to read. He also has a great imagination, and loves to intricately draw out and than direct “games” with brothers. At night he often picks out a couple of books and sits down to read his brothers stories. He has a good heart and really cares about other people. We are so proud of him and how far he has come in the last year.

The three boys are the best of friends. They ride their bikes together, play sports as well as do just about everything else together. They are inseparable and look out for one another constantly. They even team up together against Mom and Dad when they want to get their way… Jake loves to teach his younger brothers new things and the Ryan and Shea just idolize Jake. We are so blessed to have children that love each other so much.

We are enjoying life and are thankful for the blessings we have been given. This year we went on two cruises. In April we went to the Mexican Riviera and we just got back from a December cruise the Bahamas. Jim started a new job with GE Healthcare as a Cardiac Account Manager and is looking forward to working in the cardiac field. We enjoy spending time with the boys and watching them grow. We remind ourselves to enjoy every minute as we know time goes by so quickly.

As another year ends, we thank God for each other and for our wonderful friends and family. May the New Year bring abundance of peace, love, health and happiness. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday season. Please visit our webpage to view photos of the boys and updates on Ryan… RyansHeart.com

Love, Jim, Cathy, Jake, Ryan & Shea Smith