2000 January - December

January - December


Jake... cute as ever!

Jake and Stockton hanging out.


Hangin' out at the baseball field watching Daddy coach Brandon.

Terry and Jake...


"I loves to stack things!"

Jake's 2nd Birthday Party was held on Saturday, August 12th at our house. The kids (and some of the adults) had a blast in the Pooh Bounce House we rented. The party theme was Mickey Mouse, one of Jake's favorites.

The Birthday Boy with his Daddy

Jake's actual birthday was Monday, August 14th. Jim and I surprised him at daycare in the pool and watched him swim with all of his friends. Here he is in the pool with Hannah.

After swimming, Terry had a little birthday party at daycare for Jake.

Terry and Jake camping at Carpenteria State Beach on the weekend of August 19th.

Jake with Pluto (& daddy) at Disneyland, August 22nd

Jake with Mickey (& daddy)

After a long summer out in the sun, Jake shows off his "coppertone" tan!

A day at Disneyland... Jake with Tigger (& daddy)

and Pooh...

Jake hanging out at CHOC Hospital on August 26th.


Someone got new Mickey Mouse sheets! (A gift from his baby brother, Ryan... our way of getting Jake to think his little brother is pretty cool.

October... Halloween

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. We dressed Ryan in a cute pair of pants with pumpkins all over them, matching onesie and hat. He looked adorable. (I wore matching pumpkin pants too-what a geek!) Jake dressed up at a Dodger Baseball Player, wearing one of his cousins Brandon's old T-ball uniforms. We tried to get him into all sorts of different costumes, but he wanted NO part of any of them. Since he LOVES baseball so much (and because his daycare buddies were all dressed up) he did allow us to dress him as a Dodger finally. =)

Halloween night we went over to the Grandma and Grandpa Harper's house (it's a tradition) and went trick or treating. Jake was the only kid going for candy, but half of his aunts and uncles came along for the walk to watch. Jake was very polite... saying "Trick or treat" and "thank you". The only problem we had with him was that he really wanted to go in everyone's house. I guess we shouldn't have let him go in two of our neighbors houses first, he thought that it was normal to say "trick or treat" and be invited in, LOL.

Jake with his "jack-o-lantern". He was very quick to tell us that it is NOT a "pumpkin" if it has a face, it's a "jack-o-lantern". Too cute!

Jake dressed up in his "Dodger" uniform at daycare... Who was crazy enough to give him a bat! LOL

Jake with Christian and Austin just hangin' out with his buddies.

Jake with Taylor and Austin at Terry's daycare.

What a cutie pie!!!

Mommy and Ryan wearing matching pumpkin pants - Mommy was a big goon for Halloween =) LOL!

Over at Grandma and Grandpa Harper's house before "trick-or-treating"... Ryan hanging out with Aunt Julie.

Family Halloween shot - not very flattering of any of us - but the only family shot we took. =)

Jake with his Daddy sharing a popsicle because Jake was a good boy and didn't bite anyone at daycare that day. (He is so proud of himself when he gets those popsicles!)


"Count Jake-ula" lining up all of the soda cans again - getting ready to count them!

Jake and his Mommy snuggling at Grandma Harper's birthday celebration.

Jake and Ryan... holding hands - aren't they adorable?


Jake and his mommy

Jake on the potty...

"These are my new slippers!"

Family Christmas Card picture...
(Jake is 2 years and 3 months, Ryan is 3 months old).

Jake with Daddy & Santa.

Christmas Day - Grandma Harper holdingRyan.

Christmas Letter

Happy Holidays!

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is already upon us. There has been so much to be grateful for this year…

As most of you already know, Ryan Joseph was born on August 23rd weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces and was 20½ inches in length. He was born with a congenital heart defect called Transposition of the Great Vessels/Arteries. At one week old he underwent open-heart surgery to correct his heart defect. Ryan is doing very well now at home after spending 7 weeks in the NICU at CHOC. He is now over 10 pounds, 23 inches long and loves to scoot and roll over. He smiles constantly and is a very happy baby. If it weren’t for his scars, you wouldn’t know that our sweet miracle baby had been through so much in his short life so far. If you would like to read more about Ryan’s birth story and heart defect, please visit our family website at http://www.ryansheart.com

Jake turned 2 in August and has developed quite a little personality. He is a joy to watch and has turned into a chatterbox, chatting and singing constantly. He loves to play with his cars, lining them up in a long line and counting them. He still loves to play sports and is forever trying to get Jim or me into the backyard so he can pitch the baseball to us. Jake is also a little gymnast and has no fear whatsoever. He climbs on and jumps off of everything he can. He is a sweetheart with a stubborn streak like his mom and also seems to be a perfectionist, more like his dad. He loves his baby brother, Ryan, and kisses him constantly. Every time he sees him he gets excited saying in the sweetest voice, “Baby Ryan”. Ryan seems to love Jake too, turning his head to Jake’s voice whenever he is around and smiling at him. It’s just precious to watch them together.

Jim and I are doing well. We are grateful for all of our blessings and we especially thank God for each other. We realize how truly blessed we are to have such loving, supportive friends and family, especially during the hard times we have endured this past year. Jim and I would not change any part of what we experienced the last few months. Although we wish for Ryan and Jake’s sake that Ryan had been born perfectly healthy, we know that there is a reason for all we have been through. We have grown into stronger people and are confident that as a family we can get through anything now. We know that God has a plan for us and we feel blessed that Ryan is still with us today to add to our holiday joy.

We hope this holiday seasons finds you happy and in good health.

Jim, Cathy, Jake & Ryan Smith