Las Vegas Family Vacation
August 10th - 12th, 2008

We had such a great time in December when we went to Las Vegas
we decided to take advantage of another free trip...
but this time in August so we could enjoy Vegas in the summertime!

Sunday, August 10th

Shea in the car ready to go

...and Ryan

The big thermometor in Baker said it was 107 at 10 am!

Finally made it to Vegas
We stayed at the Flamingo Hilton on the 28th floor

Jim in the room

Ryan enjoying the view...

aw... (Jake takes good pictures!)

going down to the pool...
Shea was a little upset with Ryan, lol

Everytime the boys got in the elevator
they started jumping constantly! lol

on the way to the pool

The boys LOVED the 3 water slides...
Shea and Jake just came down

...and Ryan

Ryan and Shea after the 2nd slide

...on their way to the 3rd


Jim's feet, Ryan and Jake...

underneath the big water falls in the other pool...

After all that swimming we were ready for the Buffet!
The boys loved the crab and shrimp!!!
We had a great table next to the koi pond and Flamingos

Shea loved the fresh fruit bar

My "little" boys :)

back in the room watching the water show at the Bellagio



our snacks and fridge...

Ryan claiming his bed

Shea ready to go downtown!

I always cut off his head when I take these... lol

Downtown at Freemont Street

A really big Pina Colada!

Ryan and Jim next to the sign from the 50s

The Golden Nugget's pool, shark tank and waterslide...

Monday, August 11th
Good Morning! day two... ready for some fun!

Ryan and his daddy

On the way to Adventure Dome at Circus Circus!!!

Circus Circus Hotel...

...and The Adventuredom!

The kids were excited to go on the rides!

The MOST anticipated Sponge Bob ride :)


Jim on the roller coaster



Jim, lol

Ryan and his Mom... and a pirate!

The Frog Hopper

"Mariner Mike" roller coaster

"Road Runner" ride

Shea is the Marine Helicoptor

Jake and Ryan were CHP - lol

The boys were in the green and blue balloon

Lunch time!

back to the "Road Runner"with the littler boys
while Jake and dad went on "Sling Shot"

Jurassic wall paintings...

"Sand Pirate" swing

Jim and Ryan on the "Bumper Cars"

"Rim Runner"

Ryan and Shea watching the "Rim Runner" line
to see when Jake and Jim will be coming

Here they are getting soaked!

Waiting for the Valet


across the street we see David's favorite place to gamble!
I always wondered where it was, lol!

Back to our room to watch the Bellagio Water Show again...
every 15 minutes, lol

it was beautiful...

Back to the pool...
Jake and Jim

Ryan... always willing to smile for my camera :)

Shea on Daddy's shoulders

Ryan took our picture

Jim and the boys by the waterfalls

Ryan and Shea warming up in the 107 degree heat :)

Time to go

Relaxing in the room...

Ryan getting sick of pictures, lol

the koi pond and Flamingos

Ready for dinner... one of our favorite Vegas spots, Margaritaville!

Walking the strip at night...
it's still over 100 degrees out

The Bellagio Water Show at night

Jake is our photographer

Inside the Bellagio at the Botanical Gardens

Tiny replica of the Bellagio complete with water show

boys watching the train

the Botanical Gardens were beautiful...

After a LOT of walking, Shea's ready for bed

Tuesday, August 12th
Morning Routine...

"Pick your elevator" game
Every time we went to the elevators
we all pick one to stand in front of.
If yours came first, you got to push the buttons...
lol... oh to be a kid again! :)

Breakfast at the Buffet

Shea loved the Eiffel Tower last trip... here we go again! :)

What a view!

Back to the pool for a few more trips down the water slides!

Time to go...

The boys were jumping on a projected image... lol

We'll miss the view!

Jim inserts our players cards (and Julie and Janettes)
to play them so they stay activated for another year, lol.

The boys waiting while we check out in the "Platinum" Private check out

Goodbye Flamingo Hilton :) We had a blast!!!...