Baja Mexico Cruise

Carnival - Paradise
October 2006

Ahhh the Baja Mexico Cruise a fun get-away...
this time we went cruising with my sister Julie, my Brother David and his wife Allie.
We had a BLAST!!!

Monday... packing up the car to leave.

Waiting to board the ship

Finally on our way!

Carnival Paradise

Jim, Cathy, Julie, David & Allie...
ready for some fun!

First things first... to the buffet! lol

Hanging out on the ship waiting to sail

Cathy & Allie in Julie's window...

Julie & Allie

Checking out the ship's mini golf course...

Out on the deck having drinks :)


Finally... we are sailing!

Jim checking in with the boys :)

Haning out before dinner...

Tuesday... Catalina
Taking the tender boat going to Catalina Island

We made it... Catalina here we come!

Goofy pictures!

Good Times!

Having drinks in the seaside bar... having a blast!

Our ship!

Shopping is always fun!

Jim on the beach

MY favorite place :)

Back on the ship... ready for the pool

Let's go already...

Julie on deck on her PHONE!

Dave... eating!

The infamous "hat lady"...
She walked all over the ship in very hig heels, that huge hat AND a bikini...
until some brave girl imitated her in front of the entire pool deck
AND stole her hat right off her head!!! LMAO-GOOD TIMES!!!

OMG - we're drinking the YELLOW BIRDS!
Those things were toxic!

This is Julie after a few SIPS of the yellow bird

...and she got funnier after a few more!

Jim getting some snacks!

...and here is Julie after she finished the yellow bird...LMAO!
She doesn't remember me taking this picture :)

Julie with Dave smoking his cigar

Me bugging my big brother!

The boys...

Me... after 2 yellow birds AND a few trips down the water slide
into the freezing ocean water!


Julie, Cathy & Allie...
after the yellow birds we decided to take formal pictures! LMAO

A few sobering hours later... we took real formal pictures

It was formal night which means prime rib and lobster - YUM! :)


Wednesday... Ensenada!
Ready for a fun day of bargain shopping!

Getting off the ship

Shops near the ship

Walking into town... HUGE Mexican flag

Cathy, Julie & David

More shopping!

David found his DREAM car in Mexico - LMAO!

Back on the ship... Miniature Golfing!

Having some sushi in the afternoon :)

Back in our room hanging out before dinner...

Waiting for the dining room to open! :)

There was a midnight buffet/pool party on deck... we had a lot of fun!

My and my honey! <3

Thursday... Sea Day
Time for the jacuzzi!

Jim laying out

Getting ready for dinner again

Another late night in the casino for Cathy & Dave-lol

Jim sleeping on our last morning :(

Last breakfast...

Goodbye ship :( We had a BLAST!!!